Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament X - Cycle 3 Signups

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Forum name: TGC_HOGZ
Cycle 3 Alt: LT103TT hogz
Does my alt for this Cycle contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes

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Just wanted to update the mods of OLT. Quite Quiet
My account LT103TT Terrapagos got hacked while playing a game.
They are dming everyone saying its Blim. Please avoid responding to the account.
Attaching the proof as I was live recording when I got hacked.

Live recording video when I got hacked:

DM Proof of Imposter

Please be careful and good luck!


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[18:25:39] #Quite Quiet: idk if blim is serious but
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[18:25:44] +LT103TT SQ: I wanna know who has that much beef with blim
[18:25:45] #Quite Quiet: LT103TT Terrapagos is not registered with a pw
[18:25:52] +Sylveon is so cute: LOL
[18:25:54] #Quite Quiet: so literally anybody can just set that name
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[18:25:55] #Quite Quiet: ???

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also adding to my previous post, if you don't want to click the mediafire link as it may be unsafe, I uploaded the live game at the moment I got hacked on youtube as well for more clarity.
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